Founded in 2009 by passionate golfers like you, TRUE linkswear was a product of necessity.
In a world where technology is constantly advancing, not only do we have the ability to make entirely new breakthroughs, but we also have the insight needed to revolutionize outdated products—and that revolution was exactly what the golf shoe industry was crying out for before TRUE linkswear appeared.

Not only did the bulkiness and over-engineering of traditional golf shoes cause discomfort, but they hindered the natural abilities of both professional and casual golfers. To enhance performance and bring comfort to the course, TRUE linkswear introduced a new kind of golf shoe—and the results were groundbreaking.  

The Minimalist Golf Shoe

Before our top rated golf shoes were known as the most comfortable shoes in the industry, we, too, had to wear tight wingtips with a narrow top, forced heel, and unnecessary enhancements. After many years spent struggling to enjoy the walk, we were fed up—we knew that there had to be a better alternative, even if we had to find it ourselves.

In 2008, the technologies for barefoot running were gaining an immense following, and after reading about all of the tried and true health benefits, something clicked. A light shoe that aided the human foot’s natural mechanics and whose structure encouraged proper body alignment was exactly what the golf shoe industry needed. After extensive research and multiple rounds of prototype creation, we were finally able to bring our minimalist golf shoe to passionate golfers worldwide.

Excel at Every Height

Our top rated golf shoes are designed to aid every type of golfer, including youths, adults who play as a hobby, and even the tour pros. To test our TRUEs at the highest level, we weren’t messing around—we brought in four-time PGA Tour winner Ryan Moore. After trying TRUEs—which feature a perfect balance of comfort, versatility, performance, and natural style—he was sold. From the first moment he put them on, he knew he wanted to wear them on tour. As a testament to our top rated golf shoes the world’s #1 ranked women’s golfer, Inbee Park, also wears her TRUEs.  

By wearing TRUEs, you will be ready for any obstacle the world throws at you, whether you are tackling a round with your work pals, competing in a friendly four-man scramble, or winning on the PGA or LPGA Tour. Also, because our top rated golf shoes are so comfortable—easing foot, leg, and back pain—you may even want to wear them off the course, too. And you know what? We’re perfectly fine with that.

Constant Advancement

While our top rated golf shoes are #1 in the industry for comfort, versatility, and performance, our job isn’t finished. We want to give our all to the golf shoe industry and make TRUEs the best they can be. We’re constantly introducing new technologies into our shoes, as well as new designs and styles. Golf is a game that improves with time, and we see our product in the same light.

We all have days when we feel like we can accomplish anything, like we’re at the top of the world—and we want to give you more of those days. Let TRUEs help you enjoy the walk, improve your swing, and play the best golf of your life.

Embrace TRUEs—your feet will thank you. For any questions about our top rated golf shoes, call +1-800-277-3192 today!