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TRUE linkswear is a company founded by passionate golfers who saw a need in the outdated golf shoe. Golf, after all, is a sport and who would play basketball in wood soled wingtips? In 2008, the technologies for barefoot running were starting to catch fire and something clicked. After extensive research into the history of the human foot and the health benefits of barefoot technologies we set out to create the first minimalist golf shoe, after all, golf is game better enjoyed walking. We produced several rounds of prototypes that had to be tried and tested during mandatory ‘research rounds of golf’, tough work huh? But our shoe dream became a reality when the first model of the TRUE tour arrived. The TRUE tour created the perfect balance of comfort, versatility, performance and natural style. In the first few rounds played in the TRUE tour we could finally feel the course, no longer were we ‘nailed to the ground’ with spikes. No longer did the bulky weight of an over engineered golf shoe encourage alignment fundamentally unnatural to the human foot. We finally had a product we believed in. Ryan Moore was sold after his first round in them too, “I was excited to learn about this golf shoe concept, and when I finally got to wear the shoes for the first time, I knew I wanted to wear them on tour. These are the lightest, most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn.” We couldn’t wait to share our product with other passionate golfers.


No false claims or empty promises, just the fact that it’s the closest you can get to a barefoot golfing without getting grass stains on your feet. Our technology and style have continued to advance since that first model, and thanks to people like you who were willing to give our unconventional “slippers with traction” a shot, we’ve been able to perfect the barefoot golfing experience. In 2013, we introduced the newest technology with the ergo-traction barefoot platforms of the sensei and ninja outsoles. We continue to improve our product just like a golf game, always improving with time. Stick with us and we promise to deliver the most cutting edge technology and design available in barefoot golf shoes. Your feet will thank you.