What Put the ‘links’ in TRUE linkswear?

Crisp coastal air that switches direction on a whim. Sand pits that resemble half buried barrel drums that swallow anything that comes near. Slopes and moguls that are reminiscent of a skier’s mountainside paradise. Firm, sand-laden turf who’s yellow-green fescue covering rolls far and true. Volkswagen busses buried beneath the slopes where you’re rolling pin-seeking…

" THE PRODUCT IS UNPARALLELED. Getting to know the team at TRUE has been an absolute privilege. Each new shoe they come out with is seemingly the newest "most comfortable shoe I have ever worn." I love the product and high service level. I will never wear anything on my feet that is not a TRUE product, on or off the course. Y'all rock. Mitch E. // ☆☆☆☆☆ "

" “NOTHING COMPARES. Without question these are the best shoes on the market. With socks. Without socks. It is like wearing a form fitting stick of butter on your foot while walking on air.” – John Hoag // ☆☆☆☆☆ "