Francis Biondi: #teamTRUE Chef

Most reality TV fans will recognize Francis Biondi as a Season 5 Finalist on the hit show MasterChef. After graduating from Florida State University, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional golfer and played in a number of competitive tournaments around Florida. He soon made Orlando his home and continued to train…


2015: The Year of TRUE Comfort

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – We are very excited to introduce the 2015 Spring/Summer Collection with six new models, including TRUEs first-ever spiked shoes, and all featuring new design elements and breakthrough technologies that will enhance comfort on and off the course. TRUE is so committed to providing unmatched comfort in every shoe, that a TRUE Comfort™…


What Put the ‘links’ in TRUE linkswear?

Crisp coastal air that switches direction on a whim. Sand pits that resemble half buried barrel drums that swallow anything that comes near. Slopes and moguls that are reminiscent of a skier’s mountainside paradise. Firm, sand-laden turf who’s yellow-green fescue covering rolls far and true. Volkswagen busses buried beneath the slopes where you’re rolling pin-seeking…

" THE PRODUCT IS UNPARALLELED. Getting to know the team at TRUE has been an absolute privilege. Each new shoe they come out with is seemingly the newest "most comfortable shoe I have ever worn." I love the product and high service level. I will never wear anything on my feet that is not a TRUE product, on or off the course. Y'all rock. Mitch E. // ☆☆☆☆☆ "