Alexander Toth, a #teamTRUE Ambassador

Alexander Toth started playing golf after meeting Mr. Arnold Palmer in Hamilton, Ontario in 1996. Alex has played on various Mini-Tours in Canada and the United States, and is looking forward to playing a lot of competitive golf for the rest of 2015 with serious health issues put mostly behind him.

As an avid outdoorsman, he can be found fly fishing on any body of water. He is drawn to golf because of the sights, sounds and smells of the game. Whether it's the sound of a well-struck drive, observing wildlife on a course or the smell of freshly mowed fairways.


A: “A lot of things have made my choice to wear TRUE linkswear over any other shoe very easy. The first is the comfort. I am a brittle diabetic with poor circulation and the wide toe box design in TRUEs is perfect for people like me. Diabetics never want to wear tight shoes. I have never worn a shoe that is so comfortable, especially with the product range in 2015. The game changer hybrids are amazing. The performance of the shoes ... not once, whether spiked or spikeless, have I worn a shoe that is easy to walk 18 holes in, has long-lasting durability or is so slip-resistant. I love the Zero Drop design as it makes me feel like I'm playing barefoot. I've often said that TRUEs are like wearing slippers.”

Q: What attracted you to get into the sport of golf?

A: “The reason why I got attracted to golf is quite the story. In 1996 I was recovering from a major car accident after being hit by a drunk driver. I suffered severe spinal trauma and this ultimately left me with no use of my arms or legs for 3 weeks. I recovered from the injuries and returned to the workforce. One morning I was in downtown Hamilton, Ontario and the Canadian Senior Open was going on. A man came out of the hotel there and it was Arnold Palmer. Mr. Palmer stopped and talked to me for several minutes and it was that morning I went and bought my first set of clubs. It's the next shot, the smells, the passion and the ability to participate in a sport that makes the game so attractive to me.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing the mini tours in Canada? 

A: “Quite honestly I haven't played nearly as much as I would like. But, what I do like about playing on the mini tours in Canada (or the United States) is that it allows me to develop as a golfer. I didn't come into this as a collegiate player or after an esteemed amateur career. The mini tours have afforded me the opportunity to compete, develop my game (physically and mentally) and learn. It's also allowing me a chance to build my playing resume. Everything that I'm doing now is for the future... when I turn 50. But it's fun to play with and watch kids that are young enough to be my children.”

Q: What is the best part about having your own personal blog?

A: “The best part about having my own blog is that it allows me the chance to educate golfers on a variety of issues. Whether it's the next great pair of TRUE linkswear shoes or the next great driver or dropping a quick tip. It's always fun to share my  views with people.”




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