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Dr. Austin Panter works with all ages and ranges of athletes in and around St. Louis, Missouri. As a golf performance and sports medicine chiropractor he works with weekend warriors and touring pros. He is always on the lookout for products to help his athletes gain the edge on the competition and he firmly believes that TRUE is part of that. Austin played football at the University of Michigan where he also met his wife who played softball for the Wolverines.


"With extensive studies in the proper biomechanics of the body and my athletic history, I understand what it takes to move well and perform at one’s best. Therefore, since golf is not played barefoot, I have searched for the best biomechanical efficient yet stylish and comfortable golf shoe out on the market today. I have tested many and by far none compare to TRUE. TRUE has developed the perfect golf shoe for anyone looking to have the most comfort along with the best biomechanics (i.e posture and set up, foot, ankle, knee, hip and back alignment) one can get from any golf shoe. The swing is built from the ground up, so put your feet in a pair of TRUEs’. I firmly believe in TRUE's products, company and philosophy as it represents and embodies high performance, comfort, and playability not only for top professionals but for everyone involved with the great game of golf. Life has the greatest “playground” so get outside #EnjoytheWalk and #liveTRUE!"


Q: Who or what inspired you to become a golf performance and sport medicine chiropractor?

A: "I always knew I was going to be involved with sports medicine one way or another. Being a part of many high-level competitive athletic arenas growing up and through college, taking care of my body through chiropractic care was an important part of my athletic career. I have always been interested in the body's biomechanics and the way it moves. Therefore, when I graduated from The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) I knew that becoming a Sports Medicine Chiropractor was exactly what I wanted to do. The idea for golf performance came about when watching the PGA Tour 5+ years ago. Realizing the body movements, forces, and athleticism it takes to hit a golf ball caught my attention. That, as well as the pertinent injuries sustained by golfers throughout the year really drew me in to be more involved. Combining both sports medicine chiropractic and golf performance I turn to help any and all age ranges and skill levels of golfers increase performance, limit injuries, and provide proper rehabilitation and treatment with any injury that is sustained during the year."

Q: What type of treatments do you provide for golfers?

A: "With the vast array of injuries, from wrists, shoulders, hips, back, neck and knees just to name a few, treatments are always individualized to each athlete and person. From increasing range of motion in joints through chiropractic manipulation, too soft tissue therapy, acupuncture and proper rehabilitation exercises, all treatments provide a great deal of relief from pain and help improve on the course performance."

Q: What is the best piece of advice on staying safe on the golf course?

A: "The best piece of advice I can give is that order to play golf well, one has to move well. Movement through the hips and back (thoracic spine) is vitally important but yet, undervalued and underappreciated amongst many golfers today. Also, you must swing your own swing. Many times I hear people talking about trying to swing like the pros. However, each pro is different and each body is built differently. Become eager to get the most out of your body with proper exercising and a swing built to your own style."


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