Bernie Najar: #teamTRUE PGA Instructor

Bernie Najar is the PGA Director of Instruction at Caves Valley Golf Club in Owings Mills, Maryland where he offers a comprehensive, year-round instruction program.  Since his start in the golf business in 1994, he has dedicated his career to helping golfers improve their games, regardless of ability.  To do this, he is an avid student of the game that regularly attends continuing education seminars, certification programs, and tour events to watch the best players in action.  To enhance the feedback he provides during lessons, he uses a variety of feedback stations, training aids and learning technology that includes: Swing Catalyst, Casio and Manta High Speed Cameras, Trackman and Foresight Launch Monitors, MEGSA Practice Equipment, SAM Putt Lab and AimPoint Green Reading Technology.

From the many events he attends to improve his skills, Bernie has developed a passion to help his peers by presenting and chairing a number of events in the Middle Atlantic PGA Section.  On a national level, he has been a featured presenter for the Proponent Group and most recently for Golf Magazine at the 2014, Top-100 Retreat.

Student Highlights

Throughout his career, Bernie has had the opportunity to work with some of the best players in the Middle Atlantic Region that have won State and Regional Championships, Player of the Year Honors, AJGA Junior Championships, and qualified for U.S.G.A. Championships.  Along with this, he enjoys working with golfers that are new to the game and developing their skills for their long term enjoyment of the game.


"Throughout my career as a golfer, I've had a constant challenge in finding shoes that fit comfortably and offer the performance I'm looking for when I play and teach golf.  This challenge has become even bigger in the past 5 years, due to a foot injury that made wearing cleated shoes extremely painful.  After trying virtually every type of golf on the market, custom orthotics, physical therapy, and off-loading techniques to reduce the pain, I found the root of the problem was coming from the restrictive nature of modern shoe designs.  When I tried TRUE linkswear, it was amazing to feel the benefits of the "Zero Drop" technology that sets TRUE apart from the competition and is allowing me to walk the course pain free."


 Q: Who, or what inspired you to become a PGA Director of Instruction?

A: "Becoming a PGA Director of Instruction has been a by-product of my love of the game and my desire to help golfers improve their games.  I've been extremely fortunate throughout my career to work with a wide range of golfers that have helped me develop a comprehensive instruction program that continues to evolve and set me on a path to become a PGA Director of Instruction."

Q: You are a great role model for young and aspiring pro golfers. Who has your role model been through your career?

A: "I've been extremely fortunate to have some wonderful mentors throughout my career that have helped me understand what it takes to be successful and have challenged me along the way to keep pushing ahead.  With this in mind, the most influential mentors in my career have been Charlie Staples,  Bob Dolan, Wayne DeFrancesco, Martin Hall, Mike Adams, Jim Hardy, and Dennis Satyshur."

Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give to aid golfers in their swings?

A: "Good golf starts from the ground up.  Be sure your shoes are giving you the best chance for balance and comfort when you play."

 BernieContact Information

Bernie Najar, PGA Director of Instruction

Caves Valley Golf Club

2910 Blendon Road

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117



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