Delbert Kinchelow

Lees Summit, MO
Lakewood Oaks
Handicap: 9
Rounds/Yr: 50-70

  • EMT for the Kansas City Fire Department
  • In charge of running the KC Golf Channel Amateur Tour

Delbert got into the Golf business in 2002. The KC Amateur Tour was losing his owner at that time, and a group of Delbert and his friends bought the tour. Over the years, through attrition, all of the others in the group dropped out. In 2010, Delbert took sole possession of the Golf Channel Amateur tour, and he has been running the KC tour every since. His love for golf is why he is so involved with running the Kansas City tour and helping with local golf tournaments.

Aside from golf, Delbert has been an EMT for the Kansas City Fire Department for 20 years. The satisfaction he receives from helping people in their time of need is unprecedented.