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A sampling of TRUE stories

Every year, 12 friends of mine go on a golf trip.  This year we were lucky enough to end up at Bandon.  The day before we flew out, my business partner convinced me to buy a pair of your True golf shoes.  I have always been a FJ or Adidas guy but I noticed your shoes were waterproof.  Up and over the waterproof, I loved the modern look as most golf shoes are boring.  I was nervous though because you really never know how they will feel after 18 holes.

 The first Wednesday we golfed at Old McDonald, the ranger said it was the rainiest day they have seen all year.  It was crazy.  In fact I questioned golfing there the rest of the week if it continued to rain like that.  It never let up.  I had on 5 layers of clothes under my rain gear and still everything was soaked....except my shoes.  In fact, my feet were the only warm part of my body.  Everyone I was golfing with was talking about sloshing around in their shoes, and yet my feet were about as comfortable as they could get.

On Thursday, my friends were still complaining about their wet shoes that never dried out from the day before.  I kept telling them if they would buy the right shoes, they would have a better experience.  Towards the end of the week, the weather was beautiful.  I figured I walked over 50 miles in those shoes.  By the way, I brought 2 other pairs of golf shoes that never made it out of the suitcase.  I suffer from severe athritis, and I honestly could tell you after all that walking in your shoes...I felt great.  So thank you to you and your company for making such a superior product.  I am a True fan and will not wear anything else from here on out.  

I rarely take the time to write reviews but thought you need to know how this customer feels. 


David P.
Scottsdale, AZ


I had a chance to play 5 holes tonight in my new shoes and I'm very impressed.  They are simply awesome!!!  They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever played in.  I really enjoyed the wide toe box and felt much more stable in these shoes.  I can't wait to get my next pair.


David R.
Coumbus, GA



I bought a pair of the 2012 True Tour’s. I had been in love with the Adidas tour 360, but the heel kept wearing out and causing blister. Your shoes are by far the most comfortable that I have worn. I really appreciate your attention to detail and building a shoe around the dynamics of a foot. I love walking while playing and this causes me to enjoy that much more. My wife will be buying the Isis when they come out.

Jeff H.




"You do not have a good product, you have a TRUEly GREAT SHOE!

Even after reading all of the stories, I was skeptical, but this past Sunday shattered any doubt.  With a brief morning shower rolling over Lake Presidential prior to our 7 AM tee time, the already wet ground was saturated, but my TRUE’s held up to the test.  The slipper like feel encapsulated my feet in a dry, comfortable bliss that only helped me to shoot the best round of my year.  The traction of my TRUE’s were solid for the entire round and I was not scrubbing my shoes at the end of the round to get the grass built up out of the cleats. Needless to say, I just ordered my second pair (TRUE tour white/brown)."



Mark V.
Ashburn, VA


"I bought myself a pair of your new True Links golf shoes at PGA superstore in Frisco, TX just before Christmas after seeing an article/review in a local golf magazine. I tried on the Ecco "Freddie Couples" shoe at the same time...NO comparison.  Immediately upon trying your shoes on, I felt a balance I had never felt in a golf shoe, or any other shoe, for that matter.

Let me preface the rest of my note by saying I am the president of my local golf association here in Fort Worth, I'm a 1.1 handicap, and I walk more than 100 rounds a year.  So far, I have 6 rounds in these shoes and they are freakin' awesome!  I wore them to the range the day before playing my first round in them, and it took a half dozen swings or so to adjust to being closer to the ground, but after that, it's been almost magical.  I like them best on the greens, as I can really feel the ground, the slope, and at address, I feel very solid and settled.

The most remarkable thing about the performance is that it feels like each of my toes is independently working to balance me.  It's pretty cool.  They are so comfy, that when I leave the practice facility each afternoon, I sometimes find myself wearing them until bedtime. Next time I'm near the PGA Superstore again, I think I'll pick up another pair in a different color.

Great product!  Good luck!"


Randell H.
Fort Worth, Texas



"I got my True tours pretty early on in the game. I preordered and was anxiously waiting for them to arrive.  The day I received them I slipped them on and shuffled around the house a bit.  The first impression was good and I told a few people they were crazy comfortable and I could tell there was not going to be a break in period.  That weekend came and I took them out for 18 holes at the club and they were better than expected, comfy as can be. I’ve played about 10 rounds in them now and I find I am slipping them on to run to the store or go out to dinner.  They are quickly becoming harder and harder to resist wearing all the time. So can you gather that I find these shoes really comfortable?  I suppose I should also mention they do everything you need a golf shoe to do like grip and keep your feet dry.  I guess they are so comfortable I forget they are a highly competent golf shoe to boot! The only problem with the True tours is every time I wear them, whether it be on the street or course, someone stops me and says “cool shoes, what are those?” 

Seriously, it’s all TRUE!

A True believer."


Mike U.


"Wow! is all I need to say. I bought a pair of Trues yesterday and walked 18 in them today. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet, and I mean any shoe, not just golf shoes. I have had 3 back surgeries and still love to play golf and walk whenever possible. The balance you feel in these shoes is amazing. Shoe comfort is a very high priority for me and again I must say these are the best. Several guys at the club noticed them and asked about them. I couldn't stop talking about them. I feel confident you will have some new customers soon. Keep up the good work."


Dennis H.
Cartersville, GA



"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased two pairs of True golf shoes and have been quite impressed with both the comfort and function these shoes provide. As an avid walking golfer and podiatrist, I can tell you that these shoes are the best I've ever worn over the past 25+ years.  My fellow members at my club have seen me wearing these shoes and many have become converts as well!

Keep up the great work, you have a quality product that will, no doubt, do extremely well."


David A.


"Have been searching for a wide shoe to fit my feet for the last two years¦ . . . the search is over!!!  Purchased two pair (1 black and 1 white) after trying on in local golf shop.  Wore one pair on Saturday and the other Sunday and cannot wait to put them on again.  Got several comments from people who had heard about them and I was the first they had seen wearing them.  I reported back to them Greatest shoe bar-none that I have every worn!!! I am an understated guy so they were blown away!!"


Jeff L.
Lubbock, TX


"Good Afternoon! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your shoes. I was an early adopter of your product and so far I have absolutely loved them! Unfortunately the weather has been a little to cold for me to get out, so until recently I have only hit a few range balls in them. However, this past weekend was warmer than normal, so I went out to enjoy my first round in them. Let me just say that walking in these shoes is incredible. I will definitely push your product out to my colleagues and friends because this was one of the first times that I have walked off a course with the first intention of changing my shoes! Anyway also on this day, I had my first hole in one! I guess I have to thank my new good luck charms!!!

Great Product! Hope to keep on buying from the company and add a few more pairs to my collection!"


Chad W.


"I purchased a pair of your white/white shoes and wore them this morning while I walked 18. I have three pairs of FJ Icons that I have been wearing for over a year and whenever I get done walking 18 in them all I want to do is take them off and put them in my locker. They hurt the bottom and top of my feet. After I got done today I had no need to take the True's off and in fact wore them the rest of the day.

They are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and in fact the most comfortable shoes of any kind I have ever worn.  I worried about stability and traction but had absolutely no issues.  I like them so much I ordered a pair of black/black.  I hope they are durable; they are certainly comfortable and stable on the course.  Thanks for inventing these shoes."

Jon C.
Dallas, TX


"I recently received my shoes in time for a three-day tournament. The first day that I wore them, I had one of my best rounds of the year. On the second day, I opted to wear another pair of shoes that I have had for a couple of years and preceded to play awful. After the round my wife said, " You better wear your True Links tomorrow if you expect to play decent". And of course she was right. I wore them on the third day and again, shot a very good score.

Whatever the shoes are doing for my game, I'm not sure I could describe it but I sure can't argue with the results. I'm a believer."


Roger T.


"I have never written a product endorsement before. But after my first three rounds wearing my new Trues I had to share.

Last week I read about your shoes and decided to try a pair. Over the week-end I walked three rounds at my club which is a very hilly course in Los Angeles. The difference between the True Golf Shoe and every other shoe I have worn is nothing short of miraculous.  As advertised it is as though I am not wearing shoes. It feels like I am walking around my house in socks.  The shoes seem to give me added energy.  I have never walked our course and felt so rested after finishing a round, which always involves walking a severely uphill 18th hole.  And the design, which allows me to feel the ground, leads to a more stable stance over the ball.”


Ron M.
Los Angeles, CA


"Hello. I just wanted to give you some feedback on my TRUE linkswear shoes that I bought earlier this year. I purchased a white/white pair back in January. It has not been possible to play on the course but I have been wearing them to the driving range. Like some of your other customers it took me about 5 or 10 swings to get used to the "lower" position but after that I noticed a definite improvement in balance. This last weekend I had my first round at my club which just opened on March 17. My handicap is 8 and typically after warming up with a few rounds in the 80s I would expect to break 80 later in the spring summer. In any case, opening round 77. Honestly a very noticeable difference that was even more marked playing on the course than on the harder surface of the mats at the driving range. I also found the shoes to be without question the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, on or off the course. I am now the owner of two pairs of TRUEs. I had ordered a black/black pair based on the driving range work and they arrived just the other day. Suffice to say I am more than pleased by your product and service. Seriously I think this is one of the best "game improvement" products I have encountered. Thanks for everything."


Vancouver BC



"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Trues. I had decided I wanted to walk 60 holes on my 60th birthday. My birthday was April 1 but they had a tournament for that afternoon at my course, so I decided to walk it the day before.

Of course it would rain 4 to 5 inches the two days before, making the course a mess. I started that morning, March 31, at 6:38am and had completed 36 holes at 11:09. I went home and changed clothes and ate lunch. It had been cool that morning, 47 degrees but had warmed up into the 60s after noon so I changed into shorts for the final 24 holes. I started the final holes at 1:15pm and complete them at 5:10pm, taking my time. I don't believe that I could have walked the 60 holes in any other shoes than the Trues. As muddy and wet as it was, my feet stayed dry the entire time and my feet never hurt. It was like I wasn't wearing shoes at all. I was worried a little about slipping since the course was very wet but never slipped the first time. You have made a believer out of me. I will never wear anything other than Trues. Thanks for great shoes."


Tom A.
Byram, MS.



"I ordered a pair of Trues in early April and I had my first chance to give the shoes a "test run" last Sunday in quagmire conditions.  It rained for 3 days here in central PA and stayed in the 40-50 degree range prior to our round and as a walker I was concerned how the TRUEs would perform on a moderate hilly and rain soaked course.

The water on some fairways was above my push cart wheels and my feet were DRY, comfortable and warm. The stability of the shoes on inclines, sidehill shots, downhill shots was amazing and I could attack the ball with confidence knowing I would not slip

The oversized toe box adds to the comfort of the Trues and with confidence I can report my back, legs and feet felt as good as ever after walking this round with the Trues ---- the smartest money I have spent in golf!"


JS, Med, ATC
CPRS Physical Therapy



"I just purchased your shoes a month ago and have played about 5 rounds in them. They are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes on the market.  I wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product as I don't usually give accolades about shoes.  They are easy to clean and most of all...... comfortable.  Consider me a fan and walking advertisement for your fine product.  Seriously though, those things are awesome!!! Well done gentlemen.... well done."




"Dear true. I read such great things about your shoes, I just had to get a pair to see for myself  . . . so I just assumed my shoe size and ordered online  Perfect fit.

I am a walker and was quite anxious to experience the "barefoot" shoe.  Let me sum it up.  True comfort.  True feel.  True happiness.  True love.

Within a weeks time, I had already ordered another pair in another color style.  I have already convinced family members to purchase TRUE's as well.  Everyone is incredibly thankful.

Love the shoes and look forward to many years of wear and many new pairs of true golf shoes. True belief."


Justin S.


"I have been playing golf 40+ years and these are without doubt the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. After walking/carrying 18 holes my feet are feeling great - no pain - I can't say that about all the other shoes I have tried and owned.  I will be cleaning out my golf locker and replacing only with True Linkswear. A very happy customer."


Dana D.