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Ladies, if you’re looking for a golf shoe like no other that will improve your performance on the course, provide the utmost comfort, and deliver fashion-forward style, look no further. TRUE linkswear’s spikeless golf shoes for women will leave you feeling beyond satisfied, whether you plan to wear them strictly on the course, or break them out for your next ladies-only weekend getaway. TRUEs bring enjoyment back to the walk, no matter your destination. If you want to build a better version of you, go with TRUEs.

While both of our current women’s models offer our natural-motion technology and ergo traction outsole, there are still a few differences you should look into before making your decision.


Sometimes in order to move forward, we must first embrace the past. Though TRUE linkswear stresses the improvement of the golf shoe industry, we also understand that some individuals really like the traditional golf shoe styleand no style preference should keep a passionate golfer from benefitting from game-changing technologies.

spikeless golf shoes for women

To bring the best of both worlds to a pair of spikeless golf shoes for women, we created the TRUE dame. These TRUEs have a core that is built for walking, as well as a wingtip design that harkens back to styles of the past. Even with the faux heel, these TRUEs align with our minimalist design. Though it may not seem like it, they are zero drop, enhancing stability and traction.

These spikeless golf shoes for women also feature our TRUE Flex-Feel Gent outsolewhich is the lightest, most comfortable outsole we’ve produced to date. It provides 360 degrees of protection from the elements in both leather and suede options. While our suede options have been treated to protect the exteriors from both water and dirt, they do need a bit of extra care compared to our leather option. Choose leather if you live in rainier climates.


If wingtip golf shoes aren’t your style, but you still want to benefit from TRUE linkswear’s minimalist technologiesincluding greater performance on the course, long-lasting comfort, and natural traction and stabilitywe designed another option for you. When looking for a pair of shoes that you can flaunt on and off the course, go for the TRUE scottsdale.

With the TRUE scottsdale you get a trendy pair of spikeless golf shoes for women with all of the benefits of our TRUE technology. Included is a classic rubber outsole that has been refined for increased flexibility, plus a style that you can wear just as proudly off the course as on it. Be ready for wherever life takes you, from the 18th green and beyond.

Even if you’re a picky shopper, with the TRUE scottsdale you’ll know what it means to live in a single pair of shoes, and because of the casual, trendy design, you can look great while feeling even better.