Jeff Flagg

Chicago, IL
Sports Performance Specialist at SMART Golf Fitness
Handicap: 6
Rounds/Yr: 50-80+

  • 2014 ReMax Long Drive Champion
  • Drafted by the New York Mets Organization in the 27th round of the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft
  • After retiring from baseball, Flagg picked up golf to stay competitive and made it to the final 32 competitors of the World Long Drive Championships in 2013

Away from long drive competitions, Flagg spends his time serving as a Sports Performance Specialist at SMART Golf Fitness in Chicago, IL. Flagg is also Director of Education at PurMotion, a startup fitness company that has a slightly outside-the-box approach to training. Along with his coach Tony Luczak, Jeff is developing REPS Golf, a performance program to improve your golf game through the merging of fitness and instruction, all validated by the latest scientific research.