TRUE classix

At TRUE linkswear, we pride ourselves on using modern technology and professional expertise to revolutionize linkswear. However, there’s something to be said for the sophisticated elegance of classic golf shoes. The bold saddle style and clean lines bring to mind a sense of timeless grace. We developed the TRUE Classix line to combine that timeless luxury with a degree of comfort only offered by modern technology, producing a professional-grade golf shoe that’s the best of both worlds.

Classic Style

At first glance, TRUE Classix may seem like tradtional, classic golf shoes, but the differences are apparent from the moment you put them on. TRUEs aren’t made of stiff fabrics that constrict your toes and seem to soak up dew like sponges. TRUE Classix are designed to support and enhance your foot’s natural motion, using lightweight, flexible waterproof fabric. TRUEs feature a wider toe box, allowing your foot to spread out naturally. This doesn’t just reduce friction and discomfort, but also boosts your balance. All these factors come together with hand-finished detailing and a premium, full-grain leather upper to make a shoe that manages to improve on vintage style.

Modern Convenience

TRUEs are designed for comfort on and off the course, and the Classix line is no exception. Whether you prefer spikes for their traction on the green or spikeless shoes that can go anywhere, TRUE Classix have you covered with state-of-the-art replaceable nub technology. Going from spiked to spikeless has never been easier with our X’Over Tread system featuring both Champ™ Zarma Tour™ spikes and  Slim Lok™ street tread options. No matter how you play, these classic golf shoes are sure to enhance your performance with a zero-drop heel and low-rise outsole to improve your stability for cleaner swings and more precise putting, while reducing strain on your joints and back. Don’t let the exterior fool you: these TRUEs may have a classic look, but they boast 21st-century comfort.

Professional Performance

TRUE linkswear works with PGA Tour pros like Ryan Moore, Oscar Faustro, Zack Sucher and others, to ensure that every pair of TRUEs meets professional quality standards. We use advanced technology, quality materials, and veteran expertise to produce shoes that improve every aspect of your performance by supporting the natural motion of your feet. The raised heels and tight confines of other classic golf shoes can cause discomfort and promote bad posture, leading to short-term pain and long-term injuries. You shouldn’t have to play through with painful shoes. By making comfortable golf shoes that allow a natural range of motion, TRUE linkswear ensures that your focus is on the club and the ball, and not on how sore you’re going to be by the eighteenth hole.

Quality Service

No matter how you prefer to shop, TRUE linkswear has options for you. Our products are available in many stores across the United States, or you can order directly from our website. Our online sizing guide makes it easy to find the shoe that fits, and our friendly staff members are on-hand to answer all your questions. Don’t trudge through another uncomfortable game; order your classic golf shoes from TRUE linkswear today!