TRUE motion

TRUE linkswear has been revolutionizing the golf shoe marketplace since 2009, and the TRUE Motion is the shoe that kicked it all off. This barefoot-inspired shoe is designed to be ultra-flexible, combining performance-enhancing technology with health-enhancing comfort. Whether you’re training for the PGA Tour or just hitting the links on a weekend, you’ll have a better time if you’re wearing these motion control golf shoes.

The Joy of Walking

TRUE linkswear is based around the simple belief that the golf course should be walkable. Golf carts are nice, but walking the course transforms a simple game into a relaxing mini-vacation. You already spend the rest of the week rushing from place to place, why would you do the same on the golf course? Walking is an easy way to exercise and loosens up your muscles for smoother swings, and promotes long-term health and fitness. Unfortunately, enjoying a tranquil walk around the course is difficult in traditional golf shoes, which can be stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable. At TRUE linkswear, our motion control golf shoes are made for comfortable walking as well as professional performance, so you can slow down and let your caddy do the carting.

Why Go Minimalist?

The TRUE Motion line is designed with a minimalist philosophy, centered on the understanding that performance is improved and injuries are reduced when the body is able to move naturally and smoothly. That’s why every TRUE design begins by studying how the bare foot moves when golfers walk, swing, and putt. Your foot is a complex set of muscles and bones that all work together to achieve balance and stability. This delicate system can’t work properly when toes are constricted or when the heel and arch are unnaturally raised.

Natural Motion

TRUE Motion eliminates those obstacles by incorporating a widened toe box and zero-drop heel, so you’re closer to the ground, leading to greater stability. The ultra-flexible rubber grip sole conforms to the contours of your foot, so those minute movements of your toes and heels translate into better balance and enhanced posture. Those may seem like small changes, but motion control golf shoes promote a more dynamic stance, which allows you to generate more power with less energy. That means reduced strain on your joints and muscles, which translates to improved performance.

Unparalleled Traction

There’s little benefit in any pair of motion control golf shoes if there’s too much motion between your feet and the grass. Traction is a vital component of a strong swing, and TRUE linkswear leads the field in producing high-traction spikeless golf shoes. The TRUE Motion’s rubber grip sole is designed for maximum traction on the links without constricting your foot’s natural motion. With four color variations and a choice between sport or casual finishes, you may even find yourself wearing your TRUEs off the course!

Professional Quality

No other company offers motion control golf shoes with such a strong focus on quality and fitness. It’s time to step away from the golf cart and step into a pair of TRUEs. We’re confident you’ll never want to wear any other shoes on the course. Our confidence is backed up by our easy returns policy and our 60-day warranty. Get your TRUE Motions today, and make golf relaxing again.