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Golf is game best enjoyed when walking, and if you find yourself struggling to reach the 18th green, you may want to look into buying a new pair of golf shoes. Avid golfers everywhere should consider adding a pair of top rated men’s golf shoes from TRUE linkswear to their wardrobe. Each model of TRUEs is built to enhance your performance and provide the comfort you need in order to enjoy every round you play.

Gent Chukka

The gent chukka is TRUE linkswear’s official golf boot and one of the best options for dedicated golfers living in rainy climates. By pairing natural-motion technology, featured in all of our top rated men’s golf shoes, with superior protection from the elements, you’ll be ready for top-level performance from the moment you lace them up without compromising style or comfort.

Gent Loafer

Our gent loafers take luxury to a new level. Not only are they some of our most comfortable and top rated men’s golf shoes, but they are the first pair to bring the classic loafer design to the golf shoe industry. This model slides on easily, exudes sophistication, and will have you living in your TRUEs around the clock. They manage to perfectly wed performance and style.

Gent Wingtip

These TRUEs are classically inspired, yet they blend traditional with innovation. While they feature a faux heel, they are still zero drop like our other minimalist designsenabling them to have a platform that promotes stability and traction. Every set of gent wingtips features our ultimate performance core and TRUE flex-feel gent upper, which is the lightest, most comfortable outsole to date. There are both leather and suede options available for this model.

Lyt Dry

If you’re looking for a more athletically inspired set of TRUEs, go for the TRUE lyt dry. While you’ll still experience excellent lateral stability, superior comfort, and protection from the elements, these top rated men’s golf shoes feature our most tech-savvyl design so farupping the quality and achieving our lightest shoe. For tour-level performance, these TRUEs are the way to go.


With TRUE vegas, you’ll get everything you’d ever want in a pair of TRUEs, all at a great value. You’ll be able to take on the toughest weather conditions and benefit from our natural-motion technology with increased flexibility. Also, the outsole that we use for this model features a diamond etched pattern, providing the comfort you’re seeking with increased flexibility.

Lyt Breathe

A pair of TRUEs that can hold up against the intense summer heat and still leave your feet feeling fresh, are the TRUE lyt breathes. This shoe is unbelievably light and flexible, will slip on easily, and fit you more comfortably than you ever imaginedholding you snugly to enhance feel and stability, while allowing your feet to breathe.


Our TRUE oxfords are the essence of a deconstructed golf shoe, allowing passionate golfers everywhere to take the natural feel of TRUEs to the next level. They look greatcoming in both suede and canvas stylesand are so versatile that you can wear them anywhere. While they should be taken care of a bit more gently than our other top rated golf shoes that feature a leather upper, we have treated them for a dependable level of stain and water resistance.

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