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If you’re in the market for a new pair of golf shoes and want the traditional style of the game’s greats, look no further—TRUE linkswear’s gent wingtips are the perfect set of TRUEs for you. You may wonder why you should switch to a minimalist golf shoe, then ask yourself this: do you have soreness in your feet or back after you finished up 18 holes? Are you tired of being nailed to the ground, rather than freed by engineering that understands the mechanics of the human foot?

men’s wingtip golf shoes

Our men’s wingtip golf shoes are classically inspired when it comes to look, but when you get down to the performance enhancement and phenomenal comfort providing technologies at the core, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch.

Get On the Course

At TRUE linkswear, we believe that success starts from the ground up. How can you expect to enjoy the game if your golf shoes cause discomfort? In order to bring enjoyment back to the walk, we decided to scrap the over-engineered technologies of the traditional golf shoe and start fresh, using the human foot as our guide and focusing on the importance of natural motion.

For our men’s wingtip golf shoes, it all starts with the TRUE Flex-Feel Gent outsole, which is the lightest, most comfortable outsole we’ve created to date. Ultimate flexibility, freedom from spikes, and the sheer thinness of these shoes will allow you to conquer the course.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your walk along the course, but you’ll notice an enhancement in your performance. It’s all about stripping down to the barebones and playing naturally. With enhanced precision, you can better judge the slope and firmness of the green, practice superior footwork, and control your balance and swing.

men’s wingtip golf shoes

Color Schemes Available

The majority of our men’s wingtip golf shoes feature an ultra-premium Italian leather upper, which provides 360 degrees of waterproof protection, but we also have a suede option. Our suede gent wingtip has a charcoal colored upper and a highlighter outsole, giving the shoe a bright pop of color. When it comes to our leather options, we have a simple black on black style, a white leather upper paired with a black outsole, a chocolate upper paired with a light tan outsole, and a black upper paired with a mint outsole. Whether you want to stick to neutral colors completely or add a bit of brightness to your golf style (with our highlighter and mint options) TRUE linkswear has an option fit for everyone’s tastes.

Fashion Forward to the Smallest Detail

To make the traditional look complete, we’ve also added in a faux heel to each of our men’s wingtip golf shoes—but don’t worry, it doesn’t hinder our goal of providing you with a zero drop shoe. By keeping the nature of the shoe zero drop, your body will stay naturally aligned—causing less soreness in your feet, legs, and back. These classically inspired TRUEs still have all of the benefits of our minimalist technology, while staying TRUE to the wingtip style, because there’s no reason you shouldn’t have an ultimate performance shoe with trend-setting style.