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Golf is a centuries-old sport steeped in tradition and honor. Although the game has changed quite a bit over the years as it’s become sleeker, smarter, and more technologically advanced, our traditions have continued to shape us and the way we play the game.

There’s something about golf’s impact on society that has always been particularly influential in the world of fashion. For whatever reason, fashion designers have long looked to the golf courses to find inspiration for their runway shows and haute couture designs. From clunky, spiked women’s wingtip golf shoes to thick polo shirts, sweater vests, and visors, women’s golf fashion has long been considered a style that’s trademarked by its class, sophistication, and elegance.

Dame by TRUE linkswear

TRUE linkswear is proud to introduce our Dame model, designed in honor of golf’s iconic presence in our history of fashion. Dame by TRUE linkswear are women’s wingtip golf shoes that pay tribute to the classic nostalgia of the earlier years of traditional golf. Designed for superior athletic performance and comfort for today’s women in golf, Dame women’s wingtip golf shoes are for the serious golfer with impeccable taste in fashion.

Classic Design

Now you can walk the entire course and look great doing it. TRUE Dame golf shoes come in fine suede or ultra premium Italian leather uppers and our TRUE flex-feel gent outsoles in a variety of pleasing color combinations. You’ll love the look of the faux heel, reminiscent of the heavy-heeled shoes of the past—without the instability and lack of support that clunkier golf shoes include. Best of all, our retro design is engineered using our signature zero-drop, barefoot technology and minimalist design for top performance on the golf course. Enhance your experience on the golf course with shoes that not only look great, but feel great and improve your game.

Superior Technology

An appreciation for fashion shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in comfort or performance. Dame women’s wingtip golf shoes are made with TRUE technology and TRUE flex-feel gent outsole, our lightest and most comfortable platform to date. These shoes may look like the heavy, spiked golf shoes of the past, but the flexible, super thin midsole, zero-drop heel and wide toe-box are designed for the lightest, most comfortable walking you’ll ever do.

Dame is designed according to our TRUE barefoot platform and technologies. Our golf shoes are engineered to mimic the feeling of being barefoot for better posture, body alignment, stability, traction, and balance. All of our quality materials support the structure of the shoe’s upper, midsole and outsole, with the purpose of allowing our feet to move naturally and walk more comfortably for longer distances. 

TRUE Dame for Modern Women

Dame women’s wingtip golf shoes are designed to improve your golf game and heighten your style. Experience the ultimate in TRUE modern technology that encompasses the sophistication and glamour of the past with Dame women’s wingtip golf shoes.