TRUE barefoot

Most golf footwear and equipment companies spend all their time talking about how the latest and greatest product they launched can improve your game, add a few yards, shave strokes, increase spin, lock you in to your stance, etc.

At TRUE our priority is to build shoes from the ground up so they function naturally with your body.

At TRUE linkswear our product maximizes two priorities that we consider sacred:

  1. Comfort
  2. Allowing your body to function naturally

Our model started with the human foot, not a dress shoe. We added some traction elements and waterproofing to create the ideal golf shoe - a “slipper with traction” that provides incredible walking comfort and maximum feel during the golf swing.

When we say “comfort” we mean the type of amazing feel in your golf shoe that allows you to walk 54 holes the first day you take them out of the box.

When we focus on allowing your body to function naturally we are not selling a “natural motion” story that includes a raised heel, shank and soft-spikes because there is nothing natural about it.

Your body can only function naturally when proprioception is allowed to occur and body alignment is ideal, which means a zero drop base with a thin outsole and no midsole.

The technology that goes into TRUEs is as innovative as it is logical. Get closer to the ground with a really thin sole and you begin to feel the course in ways that you can only imagine.

For any golfer who has dreamed of walking fairways barefoot, this is your chance.

TRUE linkswear shoes are the closest that you can get to playing in your bare feet, while also getting the benefit of traction and waterproofing.

According to Ryan Moore and our product testers – the TRUE tour is the lightest, most comfortable and best feeling golf shoe they have ever worn.

The upper is so comfortable that your feet may mistake it for a slipper.

The footbed and outsole work naturally with your foot so during every swing and on every step signals from the nerves in your feet to your brain are clear and unfiltered which improves balance, tempo and traction.

In 2011, we launched our first generation TPU TRUE barefoot platform. Consumers loved the amazing feel and comfort it provided, but at TRUE we knew that it could be better.

In 2012, we launched our second generation Rubber TRUE Ergo-Traction 2.0 barefoot platform. Consumers loved the increased feel and traction.

We are proud to introduce two new and improved TRUE barefoot platforms for 2013 with the following features:

Improved Outsole Flexibility

The 2013 TRUE sensei outsole is made from a thin, strong, and flexible RUBBER that allows your body's natural abilities to generate exceptional stability and traction by maximizing contact with the ground and improving proprioception. The sensei outsole focuses on delivering enhanced stability and traction versus the Ergo-Traction 2.0 outsole, and can be found on the TRUE proto and TRUE sensei.

The 2013 TRUE ninja outsole is the next generation Ergo-Traction outsole. The ninja has enhanced feel and flexibility versus the Ergo-Traction 2.0 outsole due to a flex channel in the forefoot and removal of material on the outer rim in the mid-foot. The traction and durability has also been enhanced with the use of diamonds versus squares and slightly larger round "spikes".

Zero Drop

Our shoes are built with Zero Drop, meaning that your heel and forefoot are the same distance off the ground. This encourages a natural walking stride along with better posture and body alignment during the swing.

Wide Toe Box

A wide toe box is vital in promoting natural body motion because it allows your feet and toes to function ergonomically in the shoe while providing a more stable platform for your swing.

For 2013 we maintained the width of the toe box while adjusting upper designs on the tour and stealth slightly to improve the look. The last of each TRUE linkswear product is the same to provide consistent feel and fit from style to style.

Proximity to the Ground

Among all shoes played on TOUR, the TRUE barefoot™ platform is the closest to the ground at less than 10mm off the grass compared to an industry average of 22mm.


Our TRUE barefoot™ platforms are designed to enable the sensitive receptors in your foot to enhance your golf experience. Whether it is reading a subtle break in the green, feeling the density of the sand beneath your feet in a bunker or simply feeling each step along the short grass of the fairway, TRUE barefoot™ platforms will allow you to Feel the Course™ like never before.


Since customers have been telling us that TRUEs are "the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, even more comfortable than my favorite sneakers!" we knew we would have to be careful with making any changes.

However, due to improved upper materials and outsole designs we are very confident that our 2013 TRUE linkswear footwear is our most comfortable and best performing ever!