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  • Oscar Fraustro: #teamTRUE Tour Pro

     Growing up in Mexico City, Oscar Fraustro was surrounded by lush green golf courses. When his family moved a little further north, he became more curious about the world of golf.  Picking up the game at age 12, Oscar turned his curiosity into extreme talent as he grew older. In 2004, Oscar was an All Conference player at the University of South Florida. From 2003 to 2005, he was the top-ranked amateur in Mexico. After turning pro in 2006, he was named “Rookie of the Year” on the Mexican Tour.  Following this success, he played the Gateway Tour and the Asian Tour, among other pro tours around the world. Oscar’s ability to play successfully around the globe against the game's elite has reassured him that he made the right decision to pick up golf all those years ago.



    "TRUEs give me the best feel and balance through my swing, plus they’re the only golf shoes I have ever worn that I can keep on for hours after finishing a round. They are so comfortable, and that makes a huge difference after playing a few weeks in a row and spending countless hours on the golf course." Oscar loves all of the styles that TRUE has to offer, but he is currently wearing the TRUE motion. He believes they have all the characteristics of what he looks for in a shoe.


    Q: What sparked your interest in golf at such a young age in Mexico?

    A: "Pure curiosity.  I was always playing sports (soccer, tennis, rollerblading, etc) and after joining a newly built Country Club with 9 holes, I decided to try it.   At the time I had a cast covering my entire left arm, (I broke my left wrist rollerblading) so my first few swings were with one hand!"

    Q: You’ve had a very successful international career, who or what would you say contributed most to your success?

    A: "I left my house to come to the U.S. without speaking English, to a golf academy when I was 17. I had to learn to be comfortable while being out of my comfort zone very early.  Now, I feel at home as long as I am in a golf course."

    Q: What goes into your selection process of footwear and how important are your shoes for your game?

    A: "They are the contact to the ground, so these shoes are just as important as any part of my equipment. I am a feel player, and I love the bare feel of TRUEs that keep me closest to the ground and give me instant feedback on the surfaces and motion of my swing.  I want a shoe that gives me the confidence to swing as hard as I can without limitations, while providing balance and feel. TRUEs accomplish that and more!"

    Q: Is there any piece of advice you would offer young aspiring golfers?

    A: "Patience. Not only on the course during a round, but with your practice and development. It’s in our nature to want everything right away, especially when we are young, but in order to succeed in golf you need perseverance and patiently wait for your hard work to come together and get the results you want."

      Oscarraustro5 copyNotable Accomplishments on Tour:
     -  Tie for 9th 2015 OHL Classic at Mayakoba
     - Tie for 38th 2015 Puerto Rico Open
    -  Tie for 4th 2014 Chiquita Classic
     - Tie for 9th 2014 WNB Golf Classic
    -  Tie for 13th 2014 El Bosque Mexico Championship
     - Tie for 5th 2014 Brazil Champions Presented by HSBC
     - 2nd ranked Mexican player in the world (OWGR)
      - 19th ranked South American player in the world (OWGR) 
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  • Shane LeBaron: a #teamTRUE ambassador

    It was about 15 years ago when Shane LeBaron made the decision to be the best golf instructor he could be. His passion for helping golfers improve over the years has solidified Shane as one of the top young instructors in the nation. He's built a student base in several areas around the country and also coaches several professionals on the LPGA, Champions, and Canadian Tours. Many factors contribute to Shane's success, but it's two distinct trials in his life he overcame that make him most proud.

    Being dyslexic made school unbelievably difficult due to the fact that he had to learn differently than most. He assumed that his predetermined career path was set up for menial labor, until he realized what a tremendous gift and advantage dyslexia gives him as an instructor. He finds creative and unique methods to teach golf and has found that his students respond and retain lessons in that creative environment.

    The second defining moment was the day Shane severely injured his left arm hitting an 8 iron from a fairway lie. Not knowing if he will ever play golf again, he put all of his efforts towards recovery. Once he did regain strength and movement, Shane realized he could no longer make the swing he once did without lingering pain. It was this incident that led him on a path to discover there is more than one way to enjoy and be involved in golf.

    Despite these setbacks, Shane has many fantastic roles in the world of golf. He is a Callaway Master Staff Instructor, has been named "Best Teachers In Your State" by Golf Digest, and was nominated to Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors. Shane's unique approach to the game is refreshing to his players as he focuses on the student, not the technology or swing theory. In a complex game, it seems Shane can find the calm in the eye of the storm.


    In the trunk of most golf instructors' cars you will find anywhere from 3-5 pairs of golf shoes. Shane got to the point of only wearing running shoes until he tried TRUE linkswear. Shane knows that "when you are on your feet teaching and playing 10 hours a day, it is with 100% certainty that TRUEs are the most comfortable and best performing shoes in the game."

    Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.00.45 PM


    Q: Why do you choose to wear TRUEs over any other golf shoe?

    A: "Two reasons: Number one, I believe in the TRUE linkswear brand. The design and performance are above the competition. Number two, the individuals associated with TRUE are wonderful people. It's one thing to be excited about a product, but it's even better when you get to work with the great people behind the product."

    Q: How long have you been passionate about golf, and who or what made you want to play?

    A: "I was exceptionally fortunate to grow up with the game playing a role in my every day life. My father, who is also a golf professional, introduced me to the game and I remember idolizing my dad's assistant pros of how 'cool' they were and how well they played. Most kids growing up worshiped football, basketball, and baseball stars. My heroes have always been golf pros."



    Shane's Teaching Locations:

    Knollwood Club ~ Lake Forest, IL: May-September

    Old South Golf Links ~ Bluffton, SC: October-April

    Follow Shane on Social Media:

    Twitter: @LeBaronGolf | Facebook: Shane LeBaron Golf

    Learn more golf tips at:

  • World #2, Inbee Park, strides to first LPGA Victory in TRUEs

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – TRUE linkswear is celebrating Inbee Park’s latest victory on the LPGA Tour with a 24 hour flash-sale.

    Park, the world’s No. 2 golfer, captured her second title of the year with a three-shot victory at the Manulife Financial Classic at Grey Silo Golf Club in Waterloo, Ontario. She tied the course record with a 10-under 61 in the final round in a tune-up for next week’s U.S. Women’s Open at Pinehurst Resort.

    “Just when you think Inbee Park can’t surprise you anymore, she goes out and ties the course record in the final round to win another title,” said Jeremy Moore, president of TRUE linkswear. “Her latest win further establishes her as the most dominant women’s golfer in the world. We’re thrilled she’s part of Team TRUE and wish her the best of luck heading into the U.S. Women’s Open.”

    The 25-year-old Park, a native of South Korea, is currently ranked No. 2 on the Rolex Women’s World Rankings and captured 2013 LPGA Player of the Year honors. She has 10 career victories on the LPGA Tour

    Last year, she put together one of the most dominating stretches of golf in recent history, reeling off victories in three consecutive majors (the Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship and the U.S. Women’s Open) and earning six titles overall.

    Earlier this year, she won the Mission Hills World Ladies Championship on the Ladies European Tour.

     CONGRATS TO INBEEPhoto credit: The Canadian Press: Dave Chidley

  • What Put the 'links' in TRUE linkswear?

    Crisp coastal air that switches direction on a whim. Sand pits that resemble half buried barrel drums that swallow anything that comes near. Slopes and moguls that are reminiscent of a skier's mountainside paradise. Firm, sand-laden turf who's yellow-green fescue covering rolls far and true. Volkswagen busses buried beneath the slopes where you're rolling pin-seeking putts from unusual distances.

    For some that have experienced this type of golf, these visuals bring back fond memories - sometimes of the best triple bogey they've ever made, sometimes of the 6 iron they hit from 235 yards, or the putt they nearly drained from 175 feet. We were reminded of our enthusiasm for 'golf as it should be' as part of team TRUE had the opportunity to play some 100+ holes on a weekend excursion to the Oregon Coast, at the iconic Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Here at TRUE we are all avid golfers and TRUEly enjoy all types of golf but there's something enchanting about the experience of links golf that continually grows our passion for the game.


    It's hard to put your finger on exactly what draws us to the links. Maybe we're called by some intrinsic desire to experience the roots of our sport or is it the serenity you experience when all you see is golf and all you hear is the ocean. Calling it serene could  be seen as an oxymoron by some considering the unique challenges you face: wind-produced mounding,  sandy fescue covered dunes, deep rough cut bunkering, rain, wind, ocean cliffs edging the fairways, gullies, and burns. But it's in that combination of elements that combine to create a turf that only links courses can claim; a turf that is year-round firm, springy and energizing to walk upon.

    In this arena you experience a plethora of unique shots. One hole you could hit a 9 iron from 210 yards and on the next hole you could hit a 5 iron from a 120 yards. It makes you use your imagination and play the terrain given to you. Each shot offers a few options - from 60 yards you may be considering a 5 iron chip off the left mound 35 ft. left of the pin, a putter aimed 3 ft. right of the hole, or a traditional pitch shot over the right burn that feeds backwards - down to the pin.

    Some of our favorite spots to enjoy links golf would be Bandon Dunes, Ballyneal, Chambers Bay, Whistling Straights, Erin Hills, Sand Hills, and Streamsong. Not all are on the coast with ocean views, but all offer very firm and fast conditions - and will absolutely challenge you while giving you the kind of authentic golf experience only possible in links-style golf. If you haven't experienced this yet, please get out and enjoy the walk. Pack light, you'll just need a few clubs in a light carry bag, some patience, and of course your TRUEs.

    IMG_6948 IMG_7072 IMG_6970 IMG_7053 IMG_7010 IMG_6998 IMG_7037 IMG_7068 IMG_6952 IMG_6979 IMG_7008 IMG_6966 IMG_7033 IMG_7052

    Jason Moore
    TRUE linkswear
    Director of Marketing & Product Development
    Brian Carruthers
    Inside Sales Manager
  • Inbee Park Joins True Linkswear

    World's top-ranked women's golfer is brand's newest ambassador

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - TRUE linkswear, the trendsetter in golf's burgeoning hybrid shoe market, has added Inbee Park to its growing roster of professional players wearing the shoes on tour.

    "To have someone of the stature of Inbee Park join our roster of brand ambassadors is a testament to the performance and excellence of our shoes," said Jeremy Moore, president of TRUE linkswear. "Inbee has established herself as the most dominant women's golfer in the game, and her passion for and approach to the game parallel ours. We're excited about this new partnership and honored she has chosen to wear TRUE on the LPGA Tour."

    The 25-year-old Park, a native of South Korea, is currently ranked No.1 on the Rolex Women's World Rankings and captured 2013 LPGA Player of the Year honors. Last year, she put together one of the most dominating stretches of golf in recent history, reeling off victories in three consecutive majors (the Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship and the U.S. Women's Open) and earning six titles overall.

    Park plans to initially wear the TRUE isis on the LPGA Tour.

    Co-founded by Ryan Moore, a three-time winner on the PGA TOUR, TRUE is the innovator of the barefoot movement in the golf footwear industry. The company has enjoyed sustainable growth year-to-year, placing an emphasis on innovation and the delivery of a superior product that can truly enhance the golfer's experience.

    About TRUE linkswear
    TRUE linkswear, a Scottsdale-based footwear and apparel company, created the first golf shoe built on a barefoot platform, allowing the golfer to truly "Feel the Course," while enabling them to walk 36 holes right out of the box in total comfort. TRUE was inspired by the emerging minimalist trend in running, where many shoes have shifted away from highly-engineered structures, such as arch supports and heavily-cushioned heels, to a shoe that better utilizes the anatomical features of the foot. TRUE brings this nature-engineered approach to golf by creating a shoe built on a barefoot platform feature a wide-toe box so toes can function naturally through the swing, which encourages proper weight transfer, balance and natural stability. Only TRUE offers the thinnest sole in golf (2.5mm), while still providing the durability to stand up to the most avid player. TRUE products are now available at many national retailers, including Golfsmith, PGA TOUR Superstores, Golf Galaxy and GolfTown in Canada. For more information, visit

    Bryan Harris, Jackson Spalding
    (404) 874-7164

    Johnathan McGinty, Jackson Spalding
    (706) 338-2732


  • What is TRUE linkswear? Ryan Moore explains...

    Ryan Moore, 3-time PGA TOUR winner, and TRUE linkswear co-founder, delves into the background of TRUE linkswear. Being a part of the company from day-one, he gives insight as to why we exist and where we're heading.

    For us, great product has always been measured by one simple metric: Does it enhance your golfing experience? Everything we do -- everything we craft -- must match up to that clear initiative, ultimately answering that question with a simple "yes." We believe golf shoes can be more, do more and go more places than from just the locker room to the 18th hole. It has to perform well on the course, but, in today's world, it has to do more than that. We believe your golf shoes must adhere to the golfer's lifestyle. Most importantly, the shoes you wear should amplify the freedom and adventure found every time you step out onto the first tee.

    Our inspiration is simple, and it's experienced everyday by merely enjoying the walk. The way we play, the places we tee it up, and the portion of our lives allotted to our passions vary for us all, but the best days have the same thing in common -- they stay with us, lingering in our mind as an ideal to strive toward again.

    Everything we craft centers on helping people have more days like those, more days walking down the fairway, soaking up the open space. TRUE linkswear makes products designed precisely for the golfer's lifestyle -- products that are more comfortable, versatile, and perform at a higher level than anything else out there -- so no matter what your day looks like, you'll be able to seize any opportunity to play.

  • #liveTRUE 2014 - Live Golf Ready.

    Our inspiration is simple, and it’s experienced everyday by merely enjoying the walk. The way we play, the places we tee it up, and the portion of our lives allotted to our passions vary for us all, but the best days have the same thing in common – they stay with us, lingering in our mind as an ideal to strive toward again.

    Everything we craft centers on helping people have more days like those, more days walking down the fairway, soaking up the open space. Enjoy the walk.


    “NOTHING COMPARES. Without question these are the best shoes on the market. With socks. Without socks. It is like wearing a form fitting stick of butter on your foot while walking on air.” – John Hoag // ☆☆☆☆☆


    TRUELY AWESOME. Absolute best golf shoe I have ever owned. I never take them off. Wear them around the house, work and best part is I can jump from car to tee without changing. Thanks for making 18 holes the most comfortable walk ever. T. Bergey // ☆☆☆☆☆

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