Jon Sherman

Port Jefferson, NY
Sales Executive
Port Jefferson Country Club at Harbor Hills
Handicap: 0.7
Rounds/Yr: 50

  • At the age of 31, Jon reached his life-long dream of becoming a scratch golfer
  • Created his blog, Practical Golf, to remove all of the confusion, and get to the core of what it takes to enjoy yourself on the course, and play your best golf
  • Thousands of golfers around the world have read his articles

When he was nine years old Jon Sherman found a set of old golf clubs in his grandmother’s garage. He walked across the street to an abandoned schoolyard, and his passion for the game was born. Since then, he has spent the last 20 years practicing, learning, and competing in the game he loves.

At the age of 31 he reached his life-long dream of becoming a scratch golfer. Through his journey he developed a philosophy called Practical Golf, and Jon has been sharing it with the world through his website.Jon wants to educate golfers on what it really takes to lower their scores, and communicate the answers from a player’s perspective, in a way that is easy to understand and implement on the course. Practical Golf is about decision making, practicing with purpose, and sharpening your mental game. Above all, it’s about having a plan, and he wants to help golfers figure one out for themselves.

Over the past six months thousands of golfers around the world have read his articles. His loyal readers have started to learn that their best golf was not as far off as they thought. Jon’s new dream is to help others reach their goals, and help keep the game moving forward.