True Comfort. Guaranteed.

What Is The TRUE Comfort™ Guarantee?

We have always had a dedicated focus on making the most comfortable shoe in golf. Today, we continue that TRUE Comfort™ mission while innovating new designs for you and for us (we play a lot of golf too).

With so many comfortable styles in our TRUE collection, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with one, or heck, maybe seven pair – and we guarantee with the TRUE Comfort™ Guarantee.

Since you can’t truly experience the comfort of our shoes in a golf shop, retail store or online, you need to actually play some golf with TRUEs on your feet. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can give the shoes a thorough test on the course to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the comfort of your new shoes. We want you to be extremely happy with your purchase and excited about your next round of golf.


The Sixth Dimension of Comfort - TRUE Elements

Not only does a shoe need to feel comfortable, you need to be comfortable #InYourElements. Every time you tee it, you should be comfident that you footwear is up for whatever mother nature throws your way. This is why we re-engineered a golf shoe that was capable of not only holding up to the most rigorous rain, keeping your feet perfectly dry, but it also breathes to keep your feet feeling fresh on even the hottest of days.

We utilized the highest quality waterproofing and breathability methods, and then tested them to unreasonable lengths. The 4Xt Waterproofing wraps your foot 360 degrees, providing you the ultimate protection, tested to the most rigorous standards (4-times status quo) - easily our most quality and durable shoe built to date.

Then elements takes one more "Giant Leap for Comfort" by introducing a Nasa adopted technology, Outlast 'not too hot, not too cold' interior liner. This keeps your feet feeling cool when it's hot out, and stores heat on colder days. Now you can TRUEly #enjoyEVERYwalk, no matter the weather.


The only TRUE barefoot golf shoe that works naturally with your body to enhance your game
TRUE was the first natural motion, barefoot golf shoe on the market – others have been following our lead ever since. You may be wondering what exactly that means... to put it simply, our shoes are designed around your foot, because in all the years of technological breakthroughs, we haven’t found anything better to walk 18, 36 or like the pros on tour, 72 holes. Backed by years of biomechanic research, experts are finding that barefoot shoes have many health benefits, and we believe many golf specific benefits. Below, you will see some of those, and why we believe, walking golf in TRUEs is the healthiest approach:


The TRUE barefoot platform aids in proper alignment as your posture is maintained neutrally.


The TRUE barefoot platform allows for optimal balance as your weight is dispensed evenly in your stance.


The TRUE barefoot platform is Zero-drop, meaning that your heel and forefoot are the same distance off the ground. this encourages a natural walkingstride along with better posture and body alignment during the swing


Experience optimal posture as zero-drop keeps your body in natural and neutral alignment.


The TRUEs lower the body's center of mass duw to the zero-drop feature and wider toe-box. This contributes to increased balance and stability.


All TRUE outsoles offer excellent traction due to their performance pattterned and flexible rubber outsoles.

Walking golf is a TRUE lifestyle
TRUE was founded by innovators looking for one thing- a golf shoe designed for comfort … specifically “walking comfort”. It seemed logical for such a shoe to exist, right? Especially considering the game is centuries old and rooted in a tradition of walking a golf course, but much to our dismay no such shoe yet existed.
At TRUE, we believe golfers should be able to walk the course and enjoy the many benefits of that walking lifestyle. Beyond the tranquil and enjoyable experience that a four-hour walk on the links provides, the average golfer burns double the calories when walking versus riding. Whether you walk or ride you’ll notice a huge difference in the natural motion you experience as you connect with the course in a whole new way. TRUEs will eradicate most golfers of their ‘post round blisters’ and ‘sore back and legs’ fear. In your TRUEs you will feel confident in your ability to walk a full 18. Countless TRUE friends have written us thanking TRUE for creating a shoe that helps them walk the links pain free and enjoy the game they love even more.
An unspoken requirement of TRUE employees is to get out and enjoy 18 holes of walking golf a week -tough we know. This tedious requirement allows us ample time to test and approve our products integrity and walk-ability and this is how we’ve been able to perfect the ultimate walking golf shoe. Try a pair of TRUEs, and more importantly, get out and enjoy the walk. Your body will thank you.